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Kit details

Shop around, choose an Absolute Wooden Kayak kit.When considering which kayak kit to buy, you probably ask yourself a few questions, such as;

  1. What will this finished kayak be like? Will it be light enough to be easily handled? Will it be a sea kayak that I'll truly enjoy paddling?
  2. Will I really be able to put this kayak kit together properly and build a beautiful wooden kayak?

As you read on, we believe that you'll find that one of our kits will more than satisfy your needs and allow you to build a kayak that you'll be extremely proud of, especially when you can say "I built it myself"

Our wood kayak kits contain accurately precut wooden parts. Every panel is cut out on a computer controlled cutting machine (CNC) to an accuracy that only the computer can offer. Where panels must be joined, a specially designed and incredibly strong finger joint, (Our tests demonstrate that it's much better than a scarf joint) is already cut into the panels. This ensures accurate alignment and considerable time saved. It looks great too.

Photo of a Sea Wolf kayak kit

A list of items included in all of our kayak kits.
  • Special seat and rudder controls. Click here.
  • Step by step Builder's Manual with assembly drawing and lots of illustrations.
  • Complete seat system consists of 3" thick Minicell foam seat and hip pads This is the arrangement recommended by the experts. Its custom fitted to fit YOU.
  • Formed Backrest with Minicell foam pad. Adjustable up, down, backwards and forwards. Really comfortable.
  • Fully adjustable foot brace system offers solid bracing and the ability to be fitted to a rudder.
  • Precision precut and accurately shaped fine mahogany hull and deck panels.
  • Side and bottom Panels are joined to full length using our exclusive Finger Joint. This joint ensures accurate trouble free alignment. Its incredibly strong too.
  • Sheer clamps are all clear grain and warp free.
  • Precut bulkheads are built in and completely sealed
  • All joints are Precut.
  • Two part cockpit coaming allows adjustment of width and length of cockpit.
  • Deck beams are completely precut to fit. These are engineered I beams. The strongest and lightest possible.
  • Hatch covers are built with doublers eliminating the need for formers and ensuring a perfect fit. Hatch cover gaskets are also included.
  • Hull shaping jigs and hatch cover jigs are included. You don't have to make any.
  • Fiberglass cloth and tape.
  • Epoxy kit with pumps for hardener and resin . Wood flour and Cabosil filler is also included.
  • Copper stitch wire.
  • All the hardware and fasteners you'll need for everything. All stainless steel.
  • Syringe.( For applying epoxy).
  • All the deck rigging including webbing and buckles for hatch hold downs, bungee for securing charts and paddles on deck, etc.
  • AN EXCLUSIVE! We include the tubing and hardware for the rudder control cables with neat brass outlets for a clean, neat installation. Install this as you build and you'll be able to add a rudder anytime later without taking anything apart.
  • Additional plywood and special items to trim things out properly.

A carefully prepared builders manual.

The fully indexed and illustrated kayak Kit Builder's Manual will guide you through each step with confidence and clarity. It includes over 75 pages of step by step detailed instructions with strategically positioned illustrations for every step. You really can't go wrong. A well-written and detailed kayak Kit Builder's Manual will make all the difference when you're building. We truly believe that we have the best and most easily understood manual in the business. The attention to detail in the manual is the same attention to detail that you'll find in our kayak kits.

Here are a few examples of the illustrations that are in the Builder's Manual.

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